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About GCCM :

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GCCM - Our Customers are our Partners.

GCCM as one of the leading companies in the Kingdom, in the field of machinery supplies, from the most reputable companies in China that are known for their high quality and services.

GCCM Service and Support::

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From global service and parts sales to financial services and training, we have an extensive support system designed to help you get the most out of your equipment for many years to come.
We pride ourselves on the quality of service and Products, we provide to all our customers. This is achieved through training motivating of all our staff. At GCCM, our commitment to you extends far beyond the initial sale.

Top Projects & Articles:

ImageAl Munajem Tower
Abbadia Tower
Jizan Hospital

Riyadh and Jizan.

Machinery arriving in GCCM shortly :

GCCM's offer variety and stability in its machines to make sure workers are in safe hands.

ImageScissor Lifts
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