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The GCCM as one of the leading companies in the Kingdom, in the field of machinery supplies, from the most reputable companies in china that are known for their high quality and services.

GCCM, began it's way with heavy building equipment; Tower cranes, platforms, construction lifts, Bar Tier machines, and maintenance platforms. Within a small time interval our quality products, pre and after sales services, and our built in philosophy (our customers are our partners), We gained the trust of some of the leading and key account companies in the field, and became their destination for their equipment needs.

With two representation offices in China for 20 years, and our experienced staff in Saudi Arabia, GCCM was able to combine the chinese technology to the Saudi Arabian market needs and wants, and became the perfect solution, for Saudi companies seeking any type of machinery, and materials.

Is always ready to serve you best with your inquiries, and eager to offer you our best prices and services.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sales Dept:
Contact Details :
P.O Box 416 Riyadh : 11382,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Tel:-(966-1) 286 3481, 287 4148
Fax:- (966-1) 287 1598.
by improving job site productivity through effective job controls; maintaining a safe workplace and utilizing the latest technology; and by creating an environment that fosters growth and development of our people.
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Our Mission:
                 GCCM Company is a leader in providing value-added construction and Logistic Machinery to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the business process. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the GCCM team.

    In the field of crane systems, besides supplying cranes and its special components, GCCM offers an extremely large selection of systems and related accessories, from the simpliest to the most sophosticated, like fixed tower cranes, chassis and traveling with-erecting system and all required safety systems like anemometer and overload alarm systems.

Our Vision :
                 GCCM Company will expand its efforts to grow profitably by meeting customer needs today and in the future by continuing to build partnerships based on trust, and by establishing direct relationships with our customers.We will accomplish this by responding to changing market conditions; building a performance driven culture that continues to provide value-added construction and Logistic Machinery to our customers;

"Our Customers are our Partners"
The essence for excellence of GCCM has been formally recognized with its motto "Our Customer is our partner".
This is not just the advertising slogan of all time; it is an open-ended promise to do better today, than we did yesterday;

With the experience accumulated by its Technical Department, GCCM is able to solve the problems of its clients and always offering new and original solutions.

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